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Micro Kiosks Software

mk3000 mobile

With our Micro Kiosks software, you can take self-service to a new level. Customers can easily check pricing and inventory,  scan a loyalty card to retrieve special offers and loyalty point balance and view related items, as well as scan game card pieces, call for assistance, print coupons and more -  all with the scan of a bar code (displayed on their mobile phone) or press of a button or touchpad.

The Micro Kiosk software is designed to boost service levels for employee- provide employee training modules, task management and scheduling. Store associates an easily check inventory and provide prompt delivery of merchandise.

Micro Kiosks powerful software supports simple applications such as price and inventory checks to highly intuitive and elegantly designed multimedia applications such as how-to or product informational videos and interactive product catalogs, orders placing and gift registries,  allowing shoppers, guests and travelers to get the information they need quickly and easily. For example, when a customer scans a blouse to confirm pricing, you can also present alternative available colors and products. Whether your customers are looking to purchase a tent or digital camera, with our software and kiosks, you can provide helpful product information to assist in the decision-making process — and increase basket size.

Our software is built to handle a complete range of sophisticated self-service applications for customers and employees in any environment, such as Application Form Entry or Advertising. You can promote the campaign right in the aisles of your store, ensuring that every customer passing a kiosk is aware of the campaign and how to participate. Whenever a kiosk is not in use, you can run display ads to promote sales and upcoming events, highlight featured and new products as well as emphasize the strengths of your brand. You can even use Micro Kiosks to create a new revenue stream — you can sell display advertising spots to brands and manufacturers to promote their products and special offers right in the aisles of your store.

Kiosks allow you to combine web-based ordering and the physical brick-and-mortar store to provide rapid same-day in-store pickup of merchandise. Now, when shopping at your online store, customers can choose to pick up the item at the local store rather than waiting for standard shipping or paying shipping fees.

When customers enter the store for pickup, there’s no need to wait in the checkout line. Instead, they can approach any Motorola Micro Kiosk and either enter their order number, swipe a loyalty card or scan an order confirmation displayed on their mobile phone to instantly access the order record. The order department is instantly notified of the customer’s arrival, along with the location of the kiosk the customer is using. an associate can promptly deliver  the pre-paid merchandise right to the customer.

With our software for Micro Kiosks, the time to deploy a self-service solution could not be better. You can deploy intuitive, on-demand applications that give your shoppers instant access to the information they want.