Attendance tracking scanners rental from Iterator helps to move crowds through the entrance gate of MUK EXPO 2014

аренда сканеров штрих-кода мук экспо 2014    

Each invitation included a unique barcode which identified the customer. Barcode scanning provided MUK EXPO 2014 with an efficient method of moving crowds through the entrance gate by quickly scanning and receiving feedback on the invitations.

Iterator provided dedicated service and support professionals behind this rental project. Not only MUK received the Auto-ID hardware, but also had a team available to install hardware and help load software applications. 

Iterator helps companies prepare for trade shows & events, inventory, or short-term needs for barcode scanners and mobile data collection devices. Iterator has been providing rentals of the most popular handheld devices for the past ten years to event organizers, warehouses, manufacturers, distribution centers, retail firms, and many other businesses.