symbol motorola


   In the spring of 2014, the takeover of the Enterprise division of Motorola Solutions for $ 3.45 billion by Zebra Technologies turned heads in the industry. Zebra is a provider of barcode printers - while Motorola Solutions covers the barcode business with scanners.
   Behind the portfolio of the Enterprise Enterprise division of Motorola Solutions hides the former Symbol product variety. Once pioneers of scanner and barcode technology and market leader in the field, after the sale to Motorola in 2006 and the consequent loss of the name Symbol products had lost a large chunk of their old identity. Now, after the takeover Zebra made the decision to revive the old name "Symbol Technologies" for this division and to build on the former success of branding.
   As Motorola Solutions now announced to its partners a rebranding process will be started in the course of which all products are re-marked with the name Symbol Technologies.
   By the spring of 2015, according to the current plans the process should be completed. This affects all Motorola Enterprise Mobility products, such as mobile computers, bar code scanners, RFID readers, wireless products and software.

   In the first quarter of 2015 the complete content refresh will be started. This regards changes to all websites, data sheets, marketing materials, and the like to the name Symbol. This process should be completed by the middle of the second quarter of 2015.
   The schedules above are estimates by Motorola and are subject to change. In any case, however, it is time to say goodbye to the Motorola gull and to welcome back "Symbol Technologies".