Back to 1955. Motorola Handie-Talkie paging system at the restaurant

moto1955 1


The National Restaurant Association Show took a look back to around 1955 to see how Motorola equipment helped customers get their food quicker.

In this image, a cook in a restaurant on the New Jersey Turnpike uses a Motorola Handie-Talkie paging system to contact servers to pick up orders ready to go to the table.

A selective signaling paging system allowed an individual to receive messages only when his pager was alerted. Motorola began installing systems using this emerging technology in 1955. Radio paging systems were intended to replace noisy public address systems within a building. But even early systems broadcast messages to everyone’s pager on the system. 

Now Motorola Solution is the part of Zebra Technologies, still having the brand name Motorola and Symbol for data capture terminals (терминалы сбора данных мotorola)  Motorola and barcode scanners Symbol (сканеры штрих кода Symbol).