Retail electronic scales with printing mechanism modernization to touch-screen self-service.

сенсорные весы из старых весов с чекопечатью


   While technology is still advancing, devices used on a broad scale in various industries are also changing. Throwing away old equipment and purchase of new one is not always a cost-effective solution for a company. However, when it comes to weighing metrology, luckily there is a possibility of scales modernization, which seems to be an optimal solution in such a situation.

   Within its operations, ITerator adapts retail electronic scales with printing mechanism (DIGI SM-100 & SM-300, Mettler Toledo Tiger 150) to touch-screen self-service, by means of our kit. As a result of changing the principle of scales’ operation, its use is more comfortable and efficient. It will certainly be reflected in their more efficient work.

   In order to estimate the cost and determine the possibility of scales modernization to meet modern needs and technological capabilities, please contact our representatives.