Сканеры штрих-кода, терминалы сбора данных, принтеры штрих-кода. Мобильные решения и заказные разработки 1С.  Аренда ТСД и радиоразведка. Продажа, сервис, ремонты.

The small, rugged MC3100 & MC3190 is made for store and stockroom applications requiring high-quality data capture and excellent performance. With a superior feature set, the MC3100 facilitates better inventory management and increased employee productivity.

Three different models allow customers to mix and match devices to best meet the needs of different applications. The straightshooter is ideal for standard scanning applications. The gun provides all day comfort for scan intensive activities. While the turret model MC3100R/MC3190R (R- Rotating Head) provides the flexibility to adjust the scanning position, improving user comfort.

The MC3100R/MC3190R offers a unique combination of benefits that deliver the superior return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) that budget conscious government agencies need to help justify this mobility expense. The rugged specifications expand device lifecycle, eliminating the more frequent replacement required for consumer style devices.

Superior flexibility further maximizes device utilization and lifecycle. Keypads can be swapped to better accommodate an updated or new application. And the ability to swap operating systems (between Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.X Classic and Microsoft CE 6.0 Pro) enables the device to accommodate a future OS migration.

Data capture terminals empowers you to operate your business more efficiently, enhance the customer shopping experience and increase the productivity of your store associates. Motorola (Symbol) provides the right solution so that you can optimize your technology investment.

The MC3100 & MC3190 let you replenish inventory more quickly, enhance in-stock positions, increase pricing accuracy, reduce mark-down time and improve all merchandise-handling processes. The MC3100 series help you manage all aspects of your enterprise, from the retail showroom to the warehouse. And that’s good for your bottom line.

Motorola MAX Rugged
Provides reliable operation in spite of drops, bumps or exposure to dust and splashing liquids; meets applicable MIL-STD and IEC specifications for drop, tumble and sealing

Mobility Platform Architecture (MPA) 2.0
Provides the latest best-in-class technology architecture; preserves existing application investments by enabling easy and cost-effective porting of applications from other Motorola mobile computers

Motorola MAX Secure
FIPS 140-2 certification and support for the most advanced encryption and authentication algorithms, as well as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs); enables compliance with the most stringent industry security regulations, including sensitive government applications

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.X or Windows CE 6.0 operating system
Choose the operating system that best meets your needs: the familiar Windows Mobile environment offers standard business tools and line-of-business applications, a large selection of off-the-shelf applications and an easy application development environment; the Windows CE open platform enables fast and easy development and porting of custom applications

Motorola MAX Sensor
Enterprise-class Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) enables leading edge motion-based applications, including dynamic screen orientation, power management and free-fall event logging

Motorola MAX Data Capture
Capture the data you need today and tomorrow with industry leading advanced laser scanning or imaging technology

  • Motorola unmatched laser scanning technology
    Delivers aggressive performance and accurate capture of all 1Dbar codes - including damaged and poor quality bar codes; patented Liquid Polymer scan element eliminates friction and wear for superior durability and reliability
  • Motorola's advanced imaging technology
    Aggressive performance on 1D and 2D bar codes: patented illumination system and bright aimer enables fast omni-directional bar code reading, increasing productivity by eliminating the need to align bar code and mobile computer

Technical Specifications

Light source

1D Laser Scanner (104 scans/sec), 1D/2D Imager, DPM

Wireless technology

Bluetooth 2.1,

MC3190R - 802.11a/b/g


128MB RAM / 256MB Flash or  256MB RAM / 512MB Flash (Batch only)
128MB RAM / 512MB Flash or 256MB RAM / 1G Flash
(WLAN only)


Marvell PXA 320 624 MHz

Operating System

Mobile 6.X Classic or Microsoft CE 6.0 Pro


3" color display with backlight 320 x 320 resolution

System Interfaces

RS232, USB (Host and Client)

Battery Type

Lithium Ion 2740 mAh (Rotating config)


217.12 x 82.6 x 39.9 mm (Rotating config)


384 gm with WLAN (Rotating config)

Operating Temperature

-20° to 50°C                 




1.2 m drops to concrete across the operating temperature range, Multiple 1.5 m drops to concrete at ambient temperature 23° C;